Courage = In my Mind (Part 5 of a series)

I’m going to skip the shield of faith for a week and jump over to the helmet of salvation. The book not only includes the initial salvation experience, but how we protect our minds and thoughts. As part of my Sharing Saturday, I am privileged to find a fellow wordpress person, Kayla, who has studied the Armor of God series, by Patricia Shirer. Today her blog lists “My Identity in Christ” that Patricia mentions in the digging deeper portion of the Helmet of Salvation from Ephesians chapter 6, beginning in verse 10.

I first learned directly about this concept in college, but I’m sure was introduced to it sooner. It just didn’t begin to stick until my early twenties. So I would encourage you to read and choose a couple that resonate with you. This is truth! If you don’t see something, ask the Lord. He’s not limited to a list. It’s amazing how much confidence you begin to have in who you are in Christ when you can actually begin to focus on what He says about you, instead of listening to the condemning voice in your head. Satan wants to focus your mind on selfish things. The Lord wants you to focus your mind on Him and who He has created you to be! This is a daily learning process…enjoy the journey! Read the blog by Kayla HERE.

In case you need a little musical inspiration (you know me!):

Featured Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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