Ponderings from my Heart

Good morning!  This is going to be more of a thinking-out-loud sort of post. My question for today: What do you do when you're trying to work through something? And does it actually help you to process through that, or is it just a conduit--a guiding point--to get you where you need to be? ....... Continue Reading →


Running Route 66: Mile 4.4_Buckingham Fountain

Here's another virtual run that I've found from https://yes.fit/, and this one might be a bit lengthier, seeing as I average about 2 miles a day while running! Today I passed the 4.4 mark, and the race keepers sent me a history behind what I'm running "around." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckingham_Fountain Buckingham Fountain can be found in Chicago,... Continue Reading →

Autumn Feels Like…Boots and Scarves

Like I mentioned yesterday, the perfect boot is great for all kinds of weather, including wind, rain, or snow. When autumn blows in, sometimes it's tempting just to huddle indoors and watch as the season changes. I love to spend time outside, even as the weather gets cooler, and hopefully I can encourage you to... Continue Reading →

Sharing Saturday–Virtual Strides

Okay fellow readers/bloggers, This is for those of you who like to run or walk (or are looking for something extra to boost your motivation, like I was!): I just found virtual runs! It's not like you strap a 4D headset over your eyes and run on a treadmill, though that would be extremely awesome!... Continue Reading →

Running streak completed

 Made it through day 81. Total miles: 235.5 I didn't make it up to my 100 days, but after Peru I'm going to try again. There's a good reason, but I don't think I want to give any excuse on here. That gives me a couple weeks to continue running and start doing more strength... Continue Reading →

Day 80

Short term goal: 100 Days Long term goal: 186 days (6 months) Miles run this week: 16.5 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 231.5 For the last several months I have been long-distance-dating a guy. Long story short, lots of traveling back, forth, and in between. Since I've started the streak, this has meant that... Continue Reading →

Day 73

Short term goal: 100 Days Long term goal: 186 days (6 months) Miles run this week: 22 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 215 (over 200! yay!) For those interested in world travel and marathons, this is for you! I have never yet run a full marathon, but this is great inspiration! Now I need... Continue Reading →

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