Sharing Saturday: Exotic Pets

Here are some unusual pets that you MIGHT own! Click the link below:  


Sharing Saturday–Dr. Caroline Leaf

Today I am sharing a Ted Talk by Dr. Caroline Leaf on neuroplasticity of (flexibility and ability to change) the brain. This is the same author from the post that I shared on Thursday. Here she shares the science behind how thoughts are formed and solidified. featured picture from 

The Brain (pt. 4): Self-Talk

Self-Talk: According to several sources, self-talk is the act of conversing with oneself, either mentally, verbally, or through actions, occasionally motivating oneself to accomplish something. Verbal or mental examples of these can be: Positive: I can do this Lookin' good! I've gotten better at that Take a deep breath Negative: I'm so useless I will... Continue Reading →

The Brain (pt. 3): Games

As promised, here are several websites that have games for strengthening the brain and improving memory! Click on the link or the image: featured photo from  

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