The Brain (pt. 1): Summary__re-posted!

This is a reposting of one of my science series videos! I posted this a while back, but thought it needed to be reshared.  While researching information on the brain, I realized that it would be easy enough to investigate some science experiments or track some recent research and make it accessible to my readers. … Continue reading The Brain (pt. 1): Summary__re-posted!


The Animal Kingdom–and Us! (pt. 1)

One of my friends brought up the subject of pets, specifically what our ideal pet would be if given the chance to have any animal. After falconry, he mentioned hermit crabs. Then he went on to explain that these particular crabs can be very "grabby" when it comes to moving into a new shell. He … Continue reading The Animal Kingdom–and Us! (pt. 1)

Sharing Saturday–Dr. Caroline Leaf

Today I am sharing a Ted Talk by Dr. Caroline Leaf on neuroplasticity of (flexibility and ability to change) the brain. This is the same author from the post that I shared on Thursday. Here she shares the science behind how thoughts are formed and solidified. featured picture from 

The Brain and Backwards Biking

To my bikers out there (the pedal kind, not the motor kind), here's something to twist your brain in knots! For those of you who would like more information about backwards biking, here's another video from #smartereveryday

The Brain (pt. 4): Self-Talk

Self-Talk: According to several sources, self-talk is the act of conversing with oneself, either mentally, verbally, or through actions, occasionally motivating oneself to accomplish something. Verbal or mental examples of these can be: Positive: I can do this Lookin' good! I've gotten better at that Take a deep breath Negative: I'm so useless I will … Continue reading The Brain (pt. 4): Self-Talk