Autumn Feels Like…

Welcome, Autumn! Although it's not officially a new season yet, with school starting and the cooler weather blowing in, it's close enough for me! This week I'm going to focus on some of these favorite parts of fall! Today I'm going to focus on that last one first: Giving Thanks. There are so many things … Continue reading Autumn Feels Like…


Explore the United States! (pt. 4) History

...And what would a blog about the United States be without a little history? I love using songs to memorize lists of facts (for example, the history of the US). If the same goes for you, then this is a fantastic way to brush off those cobwebs! I ran across this explanation of the Constitution's … Continue reading Explore the United States! (pt. 4) History

Immigration in America

One of the hot topics of the week is immigration. While I am going to explain here what my opinion is on immigration in America and explain why I think this, I still encourage you to comment. Please keep in mind that I do screen the comments, and I will delete anything that comes across … Continue reading Immigration in America