Relationships, RUNNING, Reading, and (W)riting (The heart of my blog, pt. 1 of 4)

"Not all those who wander are lost." As a long-time Lord of the Rings fan, I am using this J.R.R. Tolkien inspiration as my motto for running. I have started a new VERY long-term goal of running/walking/biking/swimming across the United States in a virtual run called an Amerithon. It'll probably take me about 2 years … Continue reading Relationships, RUNNING, Reading, and (W)riting (The heart of my blog, pt. 1 of 4)


Fitness Friday: Ballroom Dancing!

During these next couple weeks of tapering off for my marathon, I'm going to specifically focus on two things: strength training and speed. I think with the couple of shorter runs during the week it will be more doable than my previously longer runs. My weekend long runs are teaching me that I need to … Continue reading Fitness Friday: Ballroom Dancing!

Fitness Friday: Hip Flexor Exercises

Can I just throw in here how amazing exercises for hip flexors are? One of the things I've been struggling with, especially on my long runs, is tightness. I faithfully stretch before and after my long runs, but still continued having issues with my hips and knee, particularly my right side (it might be left … Continue reading Fitness Friday: Hip Flexor Exercises

Fitness Friday: Long Run Thoughts

I am in the middle of training for a full marathon. My first full marathon. I really wanted to have words of wisdom for all of you who are running, whether that be just for fun, for physical fitness, or during training. However, after running my longest (time-wise) run I've ever run in my life, … Continue reading Fitness Friday: Long Run Thoughts

Running a Marathon (Why? Not Sure Yet…)

As you will notice in my New Year's Resolutions, I wanted to run at least a half marathon. I found a marathon at the end of April in my city, and I would like to try. I've mulled over running a full marathon for a couple years now. At the moment I'm waiting to see … Continue reading Running a Marathon (Why? Not Sure Yet…)

Running Route 66_Miles 9-30ish

As I continue "running" Route 66, here are the significant mile markers that might be interesting! (You can click on the pictures for more details) I am using a website called, which gives inspiration to run/walk based on themes. You can even earn medals or order T-shirts based on the themes! Check them out! Mile … Continue reading Running Route 66_Miles 9-30ish

Running Route 66: Mile 4.4_Buckingham Fountain

Here's another virtual run that I've found from, and this one might be a bit lengthier, seeing as I average about 2 miles a day while running! Today I passed the 4.4 mark, and the race keepers sent me a history behind what I'm running "around." Buckingham Fountain can be found in Chicago, … Continue reading Running Route 66: Mile 4.4_Buckingham Fountain