This is Me!

Welcome to my blog!! My name is Hannah Dillard, and I am excited to share some of my time with you! Whenever I am not writing here (or scribbling away at a future book), I am usually reading or watching movies. I love to jog outside as I listen to the newest Spotify playlist or audio book. My favorite place ever visited in the world (so far) is Italy, but Latin American countries run a close second. As I blog I would like to find fun and exciting facts to share with everyone. With that in mind, ALWAYS feel free to share your positive comments and discoveries.

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I designed the website icon to  encompass my motto for the blog.  Just my Life — Relationships, Running, Reading, and (W)riting. One or two of each line in the logo represent a foundational point. The leaves are like the scribbling of a pen. The trunk forms a pathway to run on, and the roots sink down as a foundation for growth. This is similar to friendship, which is constantly changing, but needs a strong system of trust. The lumpy ground is formed by an open book. I hope you enjoy studying this as much as I enjoyed creating it!