Letter to Myself, revisited

My 213th book to read since I started using Goodreads was The Five Times I Met Myself, by James L. Rubart. This book was suggested by my mom, and even though we don't usually tend to have the same taste in books, this one's really good! It is a fiction book that focuses on a man who has the... Continue Reading →


November Title: The Alice Network

For those of you who love historical fiction, here it is! Our November title for HMDillard Online Book Club is The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn. I hope you'll be able to join us, and look forward to hearing about your comments! I have put a couple asterisks (**) next to my personal favorites from... Continue Reading →


I am going to be giving away an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of my newest book, Mama! The reason, you may ask? Next month is November, the month for Thanksgiving! And I'm sure that being an awesome mother or having a wonderful mother are just a couple of the things that you are thankful for. So in... Continue Reading →

Autumn Tastes Like…Apple Cider

One of the first times I remember visiting an apple orchard was for one of my friend's birthday parties. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to visit a local spot! Usually apple orchards include activities for families or groups: Apple picking Apple cider tasting Fall foods Recipes BBQ lunches Special events Hayrides You'll... Continue Reading →

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