Relationships, RUNNING, Reading, and (W)riting (The heart of my blog, pt. 1 of 4)

"Not all those who wander are lost." As a long-time Lord of the Rings fan, I am using this J.R.R. Tolkien inspiration as my motto for running. I have started a new VERY long-term goal of running/walking/biking/swimming across the United States in a virtual run called an Amerithon. It'll probably take me about 2 years … Continue reading Relationships, RUNNING, Reading, and (W)riting (The heart of my blog, pt. 1 of 4)



This summer I am spending a week in Peru! Last year was my first time to visit the continent of South America, and I loved getting to know some of the people and to investigate their culture. I traveled with a group and we met with a local church to help with dental and medical … Continue reading Peru

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: New Sights

I've been preparing over the last couple of days to attend a writing conference. By the time this comes out, I'll have already gone and returned! This is the first writing conference I've attended while in the middle of actually working on a piece, so I'm excited!! I'll definitely be posting updates in the next … Continue reading Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: New Sights

Creative Communication: Time Capsules

Did you ever make a time capsule? When you were growing up did you ever imagine that some strange culture would come to your backyard, fifty or one hundred years later, and dig up what you had buried all those years ago? I've not successfully built or buried a time capsule that lasts more than … Continue reading Creative Communication: Time Capsules

Autumn Feels Like…Boots and Scarves

Like I mentioned yesterday, the perfect boot is great for all kinds of weather, including wind, rain, or snow. When autumn blows in, sometimes it's tempting just to huddle indoors and watch as the season changes. I love to spend time outside, even as the weather gets cooler, and hopefully I can encourage you to … Continue reading Autumn Feels Like…Boots and Scarves

Fears (Pt. 2)–Something New

This is different than just the general fear of the unknown. I know a lot of us struggle (if not constantly, than at least time to time) with fear of pressing forward into the unknown. That's natural! It's the unknown! And we are creatures of habit; we want the elements around us to be predictable, … Continue reading Fears (Pt. 2)–Something New

Running streak completed

 Made it through day 81. Total miles: 235.5 I didn't make it up to my 100 days, but after Peru I'm going to try again. There's a good reason, but I don't think I want to give any excuse on here. That gives me a couple weeks to continue running and start doing more strength … Continue reading Running streak completed