Christmas Time is Here!

A few of my favorite things about one of my favorite holidays! (plus some clichés) Movies (I had already watched Elf and Polar Express, so these weren't in my "to watch" pile anymore). Holiday flat white coffee. Thousands of recipes that I am never going to try. Fun party outfits. Throwback ornaments (notice the... Continue Reading →


Psyched for Psych!

This December (on a very special day for me!) the official Psych movie comes out! A lot of the times I've had to borrow someone else's series because I don't actually own any of them, but have seen several of the seasons multiple times. When I first started watching these, I thought, They are too funny. I don't... Continue Reading →

Book Club Choice for October! 

If you haven't seen yesterday's post about autumn reads, stop by and vote! I'd love to see our responses, and I will gear more of my blogging in that direction. Thanks for humoring me! 😉 This month I will be leading the discussion for our new book, Sing, Unburied, Sing, by Jesmyn Ward. I was able to... Continue Reading →


We are officially sliding out of summer and into a new season! The same has been happening in my life as well. 🙂 The past few days have been a little weird and I haven't been able to post. Let me explain what I can! Though I won't go into detail, I can say that... Continue Reading →

The Animal Kingdom–and Us! (pt. 2)

Let's chat about one of my favorite animals: the cheetah. When I was in third grade, we were required to write a short paper for each of the various animals in science. At the end of the day we would scribble down two to three paragraphs. For me this was torture, because I had to... Continue Reading →

Strength Training

I have learned recently that no matter how much I run, I am not seeing a lot of results in my physical health. I have started eating out less (mainly because I want to save money), but I would like to see more muscle on my body, especially in my arms and stomach. My legs look... Continue Reading →

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