Day 45

Short term goal: Reach 50 days!--5 days to go! Long term goal: 186 days (6 months) Miles run this week: 21.5 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 130 It's been several weeks since this story came out, but the impact is still the same. Watch what happens when a marathon runner's knees give out, and... Continue Reading →


Day 38

Short term goal: Reach 50 days! Long term goal: 186 days Miles run this week: 21 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 110.5 It has been a challenge this week to NOT skip a day! I've had to convince myself on those freezing, windy days to run back and forth in my living room, or... Continue Reading →

D.C. at Night!

In a nutshell, I visited DC last weekend, and highly recommend the night tour--one of the many things I covered on this trip! If you'd like to find out more about this, check out this post, which explains tips and details of a night tour. The guide that I used was this one, which gave basic... Continue Reading →

God, You Did WHAT??

This is where I am today. I am constantly surprised how God orchestrates things around me. I also watch in amazement as people I know experience God's timing in the most unusual way. Recently I was talking with someone about how creation reveals a God who is WAAAY more intelligent than we could ever imagine... Continue Reading →

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