Day 45

Short term goal: Reach 50 days!--5 days to go! Long term goal: 186 days (6 months) Miles run this week: 21.5 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 130 It's been several weeks since this story came out, but the impact is still the same. Watch what happens when a marathon runner's knees give out, and … Continue reading Day 45


Prayer (Quotes Version)

I realize that there is so much out there on prayer that sometimes we just nod and go on with our lives. But we've just begun a new series at my church on prayer, and I've found some quotes from wise people on the subject. What is prayer? It seems like it should be simple. … Continue reading Prayer (Quotes Version)

Day 38

Short term goal: Reach 50 days! Long term goal: 186 days Miles run this week: 21 Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 110.5 It has been a challenge this week to NOT skip a day! I've had to convince myself on those freezing, windy days to run back and forth in my living room, or … Continue reading Day 38

D.C. at Night!

In a nutshell, I visited DC last weekend, and highly recommend the night tour--one of the many things I covered on this trip! If you'd like to find out more about this, check out this post, which explains tips and details of a night tour. The guide that I used was this one, which gave basic … Continue reading D.C. at Night!

Psalm 139 (Part 5 of 5)

I have previously posted a series from Psalm 139, and today will be my last section. If you want to check out the rest, click here! The beginning of this passage is David's thoughts on his enemies, which seem to clash with all of the praising and worshiping of the previous portion of Psalm 139. … Continue reading Psalm 139 (Part 5 of 5)

Psalm 139 (Part 4 of 5)

This post is a little more complicated, but I'll try to explain it in the best way possible. First of all, David goes into a poetical moment of enjoying the awesomeness of God. He tries to put into words the wonder of the Lord in Psalm 139:17-18 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, God!     How vast … Continue reading Psalm 139 (Part 4 of 5)