Sharing Saturday: Calling all Single and Married People!

One of my friends recently shared this podcast with me and I found it very enlightening. It is different than most sermons I hear about my "season of singleness". It also shares wonderful joys of being married. Whether married or single, dating or diaper-changing, listen up! Listen to: Do Single and Married People have Different... Continue Reading →


Sharing Saturday: My Life…at the Moment…in the Moment

Have you ever been approached by someone who says that you’re controlling? Not in so many words, but by gently suggesting that you need to stop and take a breather, enjoy the moment, or bask in a sunset? I feel torn between the two. On one hand, I am learning to notice the things around... Continue Reading →

Fitness Friday: Pumpkin Spice Latte Virtual Run

I’m going to use this fun excuse for running motivation! #fitnessfriday! I really enjoy virtual runs, and this one is especially fun because it comes with a shirt, medal, and Starbucks gift card! Also, who couldn't love the "I run for Pumpkin Spice Lattes" race theme? PLUS there are only 3.1 miles to complete, walking... Continue Reading →

Sharing Saturday: The Braniffs

Some of you might have seen this family circling around Facebook, or even watched this clip on the Today Show. For those of you who didn't, take a step now into the life of this family of nine! I dare you not to smile! Featured Photo by Zahid Hasan Joy on Unsplash

Little Moments of Thankfulness

Today I don't have a lot to share, except that I am trying to appreciate the little things. Not just notice things, but appreciate them, send a prayer of thankfulness for them. As previously blogged about, I am learning that thankfulness gets me out of the feel-sorry-for-myself mode. It's so much better to be grateful... Continue Reading →

Defining Moments…New Year 2018 (pt. 1)

Though I was never previously in the habit of writing New Year's Resolutions, I started this last year, and I am determined to keep it up for a couple more years. This is going to be short and sweet. It was fun to use my resolutions as goal points for the year, and it was... Continue Reading →

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