Courage to Stand: Intro (mini series)

I'm going to write this like I'm writing in my journal because effectively, I am. While I go through the Breastplate of Righteousness section I'm going to write down these thoughts, which you will get to read in a week or so. The reason? I was saying "Ouch!" (in a good way) by the first... Continue Reading →


Fitness Friday: Long Run Thoughts

I am in the middle of training for a full marathon. My first full marathon. I really wanted to have words of wisdom for all of you who are running, whether that be just for fun, for physical fitness, or during training. However, after running my longest (time-wise) run I've ever run in my life,... Continue Reading →

Sharing Saturday—Musical Inspiration

This week I'm trying a couple different things on piano. Before you get any grand ideas of my playing abilities, I just play for myself. I enjoy keeping up the art, but don't ever perform. After I finished practicing one day, I thought that I maybe rely on the music too much. Sometimes I get... Continue Reading →

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