Christmas Time is Here!

A few of my favorite things about one of my favorite holidays! (plus some clichés) Movies (I had already watched Elf and Polar Express, so these weren't in my "to watch" pile anymore). Holiday flat white coffee. Thousands of recipes that I am never going to try. Fun party outfits. Throwback ornaments (notice the... Continue Reading →


Psyched for Psych!

This December (on a very special day for me!) the official Psych movie comes out! A lot of the times I've had to borrow someone else's series because I don't actually own any of them, but have seen several of the seasons multiple times. When I first started watching these, I thought, They are too funny. I don't... Continue Reading →

Making Room

The theme keeps popping up in my life about dependency on people. Not the unhealthy, co-dependency that is dangerous in relationships, but just the straight-forward fact that I as a human being need community. I have been bombarded this week with opportunities that show me that this life is not just about me and what... Continue Reading →

Ponderings from my Heart

Good morning!  This is going to be more of a thinking-out-loud sort of post. My question for today: What do you do when you're trying to work through something? And does it actually help you to process through that, or is it just a conduit--a guiding point--to get you where you need to be? ....... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2017: So it Begins

  As I dive into this new adventure, I will be guzzling more coffee than is probably healthy for me, but maybe it'll cause me to run faster? It's what I tell myself, anyway. Today is my first official day for NaNoWriMo--And it is one minute past midnight! I decided to go to bed for... Continue Reading →

Letter to Myself, revisited

My 213th book to read since I started using Goodreads was The Five Times I Met Myself, by James L. Rubart. This book was suggested by my mom, and even though we don't usually tend to have the same taste in books, this one's really good! It is a fiction book that focuses on a man who has the... Continue Reading →

November Title: The Alice Network

For those of you who love historical fiction, here it is! Our November title for HMDillard Online Book Club is The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn. I hope you'll be able to join us, and look forward to hearing about your comments! I have put a couple asterisks (**) next to my personal favorites from... Continue Reading →

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