With the latest video post that I put on my Facebook page, and with the previous blog post, Funny Story, I got to thinking about fear. Specifically, how fear affects our lives every day and the smallest situations. I think that this includes more than just refusing to get out of our comfort zone, but rather it … Continue reading Fear


Funny Story

Funny story for the day. Usually I don't share the day of, but this was too memorable not to share. Most mornings I get up before work and walk around the park/neighborhood near my apartment. For the last couple weeks, every time I get to a specific corner, one of those black grackle birds sweeps … Continue reading Funny Story

Sharing Saturday: Mandy Harvey

You might know her as "Simon's Golden Buzzer" from America's Got Talent. Mandy Harvey went all the way to the finals on AGT, and today I'm sharing her story: As a bonus, the following moment is my favorite:  For more of her songs and information on what she is doing today, visit: mandyharveymusic.com   

June Discovery Reads: HMDillard Online Book Club

Welcome to summer! While you sit on the beach or wait for a flight, you will definitely need some new books to read, right? See below for our new discoveries in the HMDillard Book Club (click here for details), or scroll down to see previously read books. Let me reiterate, these are just suggestions. Especially … Continue reading June Discovery Reads: HMDillard Online Book Club

Reading to Write

Over the last few weeks, I have put my nose to the grindstone to finish a manuscript that I've been working on for a while. Once I fill in some gaps, I'm hoping to find a publisher. At the moment, this is still a long-term goal, but it's something to look forward to. Since I'm … Continue reading Reading to Write