Sharing Saturday–Defining Moments…New Year 2018 (pt. 2)

What do you do simply for the joy of doing it? For the confidence just to know that you can? When do you step out and do something brave? I’d like to hear your stories! I sometimes feel like I get stuck in a cycle, and have found myself wondering, Do I make a difference... Continue Reading →


Running a Marathon (Why? Not Sure Yet…)

As you will notice in my New Year's Resolutions, I wanted to run at least a half marathon. I found a marathon at the end of April in my city, and I would like to try. I've mulled over running a full marathon for a couple years now. At the moment I'm waiting to see... Continue Reading →

The Brain (pt. 1): Summary__re-posted!

This is a reposting of one of my science series videos! I posted this a while back, but thought it needed to be reshared.  While researching information on the brain, I realized that it would be easy enough to investigate some science experiments or track some recent research and make it accessible to my readers.... Continue Reading →

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