Cinderella, pt. 7: The Quotes


Cinderella, pt. 6: The Slipper

When you hear about Cinderella's slipper, your mind might automatically go to getting your wishes fulfilled, or dreams coming true. This is not necessarily always the case. Sometimes in the midst of us getting everything that we've ever wanted, we leave PEOPLE behind in the dust. Because of this we end up with everything we've … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 6: The Slipper

Cinderella, pt. 5: The Prince

For all the single ladies out there, you know you've done this: You've made a list of specific qualities that you want your future husband to have, and this includes physical features, personality, quirks, jokes, and even ways that he is going to treat you--and the amazing thing is, sometimes our minds actually believe that he … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 5: The Prince

Cinderella, pt. 4: The Hope

Let's talk about dreams: both deferred and discovered! From the very beginning of this movie we see that Ella must watch her mother die, see her dad fall sorrowful, accept new family into her home, and put up with ugly-hearted stepsisters. There are a couple parts of the movie that are my favorites. One is when … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 4: The Hope

Cinderella, pt. 3: The Sting

At one point in the movie, it stated that it was hard for Ella not to believe what others were saying about her. And let's just be honest, there are times that so many people have an opinion on who we are (whether that be based on personality, dress, speech, etc.). Ultimately, though, it is … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 3: The Sting

Cinderella, pt. 2: The Family

Throughout the movie we can see influences that family members had on Ella's life. The first two that we see are Ella's parents. They speak kind words to her and encourage her to dream. Then when her mom gets sick, Ella hears that she should two things to keep her heart open: Have courage and … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 2: The Family

Cinderella, pt. 1: The Story

In order to satisfy my need to watch children's movies over and over again (example, Tangled, Frozen, Anne of Green Gables, just to name a few!) I will be inserting a series here based on the movie Cinderella that came out in 2015. This story was a live-character remake based on the original Disney cartoon produced … Continue reading Cinderella, pt. 1: The Story