Courage to Stand: Intro (Part 3A-mini series)

I’m going to write this like I’m writing in my journal because effectively, I am. While I go through the Breastplate of Righteousness section I’m going to write down these thoughts, which you will get to read in a week or so. The reason? I was saying “Ouch!” (in a good way) by the first page. So though this might step on some toes, I think at the same time some of us (who has two thumbs?) need to hear this. I need to hear this.

Day 1:

The very first verse that was placed in a prominent position next to the title is from Psalm 4:23: “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” Okay, I like that verse. This is going to be a good one. Then the question following this asks about the physical purposes of the heart mirroring our spiritual heart.

  • brings passion
  • keeps me alive

When I wrote down a couple things based on the definition of a heart’s purpose, I realized a couple things. First, when I try to guard my heart in a manner that blocks anything from leaving or getting in, I am missing out on life. This verse is not telling me to turn my heart to stone. Secondly, I need to be protecting my heart that includes saying yes to the good things and no to the bad things. What is it that drives me in a positive way? What is something that my heart does not need to be dwelling on? I do not want to miss the passion that God has given me, but I don’t want to poison my heart either. 

. . .

There is something to this guarding my heart, and I haven’t quite put my finger on it. I know it’s more than just not watching certain shows or focusing more on spiritual things. What is it that turns my heart more towards the Lord? In reality, this is my number one goal, or at least I want it to be.


Featured Photo by Will O on Unsplash

Yellow flower Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


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