HMDillard Online Book Club 2018: Proposed Book List

For 2018 I’ve decided to try something different! I am going to propose both a non-fiction and a fiction title for each month. Anyone can choose one or two books to read each month, still with the option to comment in the blog or on the Goodreads site.

The non-fiction books range from older to new, memoirs, inspirational stories, humorous re-tellings, and seriously amazing friendships. I wanted to focus specifically on learning to enjoy where we are right now, rather than always focusing on the unreachable and seemingly perfect future. That takes some true soul searching and honesty with who we are. I’m hoping that the biographies–REAL stories from people who’ve been there!–in this section will be encouraging, too.

Fiction was a little more out there. I did not focus on any new book, but rather books that I have been wanting to read for a long time and just haven’t (with the exception of To Kill a Mockingbird, which I’ve read three times. I just want to give you the opportunity to pick it up if you didn’t in high school). The fictions range from classic, mystery, romance, fantasy, and contemporary.

As always, feel free to insert your own books for your 2018 reading list. I’m just excited to have others read along with me! This is the reason I wanted to place this introductory list as preliminary. if you have books to recommend, go for it! I just want to have a general idea of where we are going. I’ll update and insert as needed.

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