Sharing Saturday: A Little Bit of Me!

Today I’ve decided to share a little of my art with you!

This week I’ve worked on a project for a contest, and I’ve had a lot of fun! About halfway through I was on a much needed break and my mom reminded me, “Remember, you’re doing this because it’s fun.” I didn’t feel that until about three hours later. And now it’s done! I’ll walk you through my process:

End of first night: draft

Transfer and beginning watercolor pencils (my only version of watercolor right now!); not pictured. See the left section in the picture below. It was fun to start seeing my ideas come together!

Base layers for acrylic done:

This is my process:

…very messy, but it works for me. I’m having to work on the floor right now because I just moved into an apartment, and am still figuring out where to put my creative area. My writing desk is not quite big enough! Knowing me, I’ll end up at the kitchen table next time.

Final product:

Easiest. Cleanup. Ever.

Featured Photo by ANDRIK LANGFIELD PETRIDES on Unsplash


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