The Animal Kingdom–and Us! (pt. 2)

Let’s chat about one of my favorite animals: the cheetah. When I was in third grade, we were required to write a short paper for each of the various animals in science. At the end of the day we would scribble down two to three paragraphs. For me this was torture, because I had to use neat handwriting and not mess up! After a couple weeks I learned that if I took my time I was less likely to have to re-do my work. If I had written most of the paper sloppily, Mom and Dad usually gave me a fresh piece of paper and told me to start again. Despite this torture of my eight-year-old self 😉 I was very interested in the cheetah. I learned that it could run up to 75 miles an hour in about 3 seconds! For many years I wished that the cheetah was an animal that I could keep as a pet.

Only lately did I learn that the cheetah can only run in sprints, and very rarely runs long distances. This means that it just takes those short distances to catch its prey, and uses much of the rest of its time (like other felines, such as the lion) resting for its cubs and preparing for the hunt. This blog can go several different ways. I’m going to try to address two of them synonymously: Busyness and Friendships. Look at this!

I try to do this exact thing. In fact, it’s usually my default–I dash after what I think I should be doing and forget about those around me. I forget about the relationships that are the most important to me. If a cheetah, for example, were to constantly be on the move, it wouldn’t have the energy it needs to protect its coalition (herd), play with the cubs, and provide for its family.

This can easily be me! I have gotten to the point, with lots of encouragement, where I can say no to things without feeling guilty. Sometimes I replay over and over how I should have said yes to something–even though my life is already swamped! Remember: If you take care of yourself, you’ll also have time to take care of the people around you. And a bonus: You’ll ENJOY the people around you more!


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