The Animal Kingdom–and Us! (pt. 1)

One of my friends brought up the subject of pets, specifically what our ideal pet would be if given the chance to have any animal. After falconry, he mentioned hermit crabs. Then he went on to explain that these particular crabs can be very “grabby” when it comes to moving into a new shell.

He described how in this video, when one shell became available–even accidentally–then another crab certainly took advantage of the moment and moved very quickly into a new house!

But as I drove home tonight I thought, Isn’t that very similar to us? We are constantly wanting more, and constantly comparing what we have to what others have. It’s human nature, sure. Even today I was browsing online for new clothes. The only thing that stops me is that I am very much a penny hoarder right now, and I cannot reconcile buying new clothes with my current budget. It is so much in our nature, though, to compare with others, both positively and negatively. “That is a cute shirt.” “He looks so athletic.” “That is an amazing house.” “If only I could afford that furniture.” Men probably think similar things, but I can’t ever fully comprehend them, so I’ll leave that for another day (Men, feel free to chime in here!)

All in all, we are consistently trying to one-up each other. What would happen if–instead of thinking how much someone else had or wishing that things could be different in our own lives–we trained our brain to think about other people? What if we tried to walk in their shoes? Then, instead of thinking, “Man, I wish I had that purse!” We could think, “What is some charity or friend that I could bless today?” Instead of wishing our kids could act more like our neighbor’s, what about spending even thirty minutes out of our day playing a game? When the monster of jealousy comes and we try to “take someone else’s shell off their back,” why don’t we pray for them?

What about you? What are you needing to give up in order to give of yourself?

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