Fears (Pt. 2)–Something New

This is different than just the general fear of the unknown. I know a lot of us struggle (if not constantly, than at least time to time) with fear of pressing forward into the unknown. That’s natural! It’s the unknown! And we are creatures of habit; we want the elements around us to be predictable, something that we can at least pretend to control.


After that moment in my early twenties that forced me to step out even when I was scared, I began to try things that were WAY beyond my comfort zone. I did this just to show myself that I could do it and live to tell the tale. One of the first giant things that I accomplished was to travel to Guatemala to attend Spanish language school. My parents are super supportive in my decisions (even if it drives them crazy), and my dad flew with me down there. We arrived the day before I needed to be checked in to my host family and we chose to explore the town and hike up a nearby volcano. The picture that I’ve used of another volcano is from a fellow Wordypress blogger. I’m so glad that I got to do this at that moment  because I wouldn’t have chosen to do this later.

I ended up staying for about three weeks by myself, which meant that I knew just enough Spanish conversation when I left to be dangerous. (:  It was an awesome experience, and allowed me to try new things and meet lots of new people. I was constantly surrounded by classmates or fellow housemates, so it was never boring!

Psalm 46:10

So many times I’ve come up with reasons not to try something new. Some of the excuses I’ve found myself using:

  • I’ll just wait and do it later
  • I don’t have time
  • Maybe someone else will try it first
  • What if I fail?
  • There’s no way this will work out
  • I’m comfortable where I’m at right now

I’m sure that at least one of these has entered your head, and at this moment there might be a scenario that has been begging to be attempted. What is it?

  • Applying for that new job?
  • Writing a short story?
  • Asking her out?
  • Speaking your mind?
  • Taking that new route?
  • Trying a new food? 
  • Finishing that exercise challenge?


My advice for you, even as the opportunities are swimming through your head, is this: just try it! Maybe you will fail, but at least you’ll be able to tell others that you tried! You will feel more confident in your abilities and will be more likely to try something else because after all, what’s the worst that could happen?


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