Strength Training

I have learned recently that no matter how much I run, I am not seeing a lot of results in my physical health. I have started eating out less (mainly because I want to save

Strength Training Guide For Women - Diary of a Runner.

money), but I would like to see more muscle on my body, especially in my arms and stomach. My legs look great, but this is because I run. Since I use those muscles, of course they don’t bother me! So now I am determined to build some sort of core and to strengthen my arms. This poster is really helpful to me because it shows what I need to do to strengthen different parts of the body. You might be more inclined to focus on something new, but I know this: Choosing some sort of strength training for just 15 minutes a day, in addition to regular daily exercise, will improve overall health, and will build strong muscles. This poster is focused on women, but, men, I’m sure you can find something similar to use.

Good luck on maintaining a healthy YOU!



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