Books, Books, Books (pt. 2): Get Sucked In!

Do you ever have one of those books that you get so caught up in you forget that you live in the real world? They’re all of those memes but I see all the time, but this one really has me!
That’s what I do with most books actually. I like to escape into another world, a part of my brain that gets to explore new thoughts, concepts, countries, or people. I like to know that there are people out there living life. This might be as simple as working in a library, traveling the globe, visiting with customers. But it’s a life different than mine.

And it’s easy to allow myself to get jealous of these characters that I read about. I forget that my life is one that is worth writing about, even if it’s just in my journal. That’s why I’ve started blogging and writing books. The book writing is still in the creating stage, but I’m doing it. And that’s what matters.

So what are those dreams that you’re holding, waiting for someday? I’m not saying to drop everything that you’re doing and completely ignore where you are right now, but choose one thing. Build steps to start making that happen. And create your own story!

If you’re interested in finding a new book (organized by genre):

from:      link:


***Also–for those who really could care less about reading a bookcheck out Overdrive from your computer or phone, which has audiobooks and ebooks connected to your local library!


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