Relationships (pt. 4): I Was Made for This

I have more than one Bible in my house. The thought struck me today as I was packing for vacation. One of my Bibles I had just placed near the top of my suitcase as I sat down to study my life group lesson (a small group that we have at our church on Sunday mornings). Since my luggage was so neatly packed, I reached over beside my bed to pull out my more daily-used Bible, which was bigger than I wanted to bring on my trip. I have more than one Bible in my house. Then I mentally calculated. Actually, I have seven: four in English, two in Spanish, and one in Mandarin/English. I am so blessed!

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Not only have I gotten to choose what I believe, but I can believe it, speak it, and proclaim it at any time! This doesn’t happen all over the world and I know it. But often I forget to thank the Lord for this fact. I take for granted that I believe what I believe. Others are not so fortunate.

“No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (HCSB)

Just this morning I finished a book, called Forsaken, by James David Jordan. [spoiler alert: skip this paragraph if you don’t want to find out what happens] It was fiction, but the point struck home. A man decided that he wanted to be a missionary to the Muslim people to show them the love of Christ. After much praying, he decided that he would use his talent for debating. He was going to meet with a prominent Muslim man so that they could talk about similarities and differences of the Bible and the Koran when he was captured. Later he was killed, but it was done so publicly that people used his martyrdom as a springboard to ask, Why are some people allowed the freedom to publicly debate their beliefs and others are not?

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Once again, this book was fiction, but I KNOW similar scenarios happen all the time. What’s sad is that it takes a book, or a shooting, or a television broadcast to wake us up to the fact that we need to stand for something. For me, as a Christian, my greatest relationship is with God, and my greatest privilege is to acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ and give the Lord the glory He deserves! I should do this through my actions in my everyday life, my words (whether written or spoken), and even my thoughts. My purpose here on this earth is to bring glory to Him!


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