Relationships (pt. 3): Community

Community might be one of the most important things in staying established and putting down roots. I first began thinking about this in a conversation with my aunt. Because of her husband’s job, they moved around a lot, but she mentioned something to me that I haven’t forgotten. She introduced me to the fact that community often becomes family.

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These are the people that we see everyday and interact with constantly. Whether that be through work, in the neighborhood, at church, or even by the pool. Those people that we have regular conversations with become a community. Since I am talking specifically about relationships this week I’d like to challenge you. Do the people you’re around all the time know a couple of your quirks? Do they know a fear or two? Have they seen you cry?

Or even for those macho guys that are reading this, do the people that you are building community with know something more about you besides your favorite drink? Have they seen you interact with your family? Can you invite them to your house?

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How often this is overlooked, even in my life! Too many times I use my friends as sounding-boards, wanting to vent about some issue in my life and never stopping to actually listen to them! Relationships are a two-way street. If you build them correctly, they’ll last for a long time!

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