Relationships (pt. 1): Reality or Virtual Reality?

Because I live in twenty-first century America, I am under the assumption that I need my phone for practically everything. Nowadays, our phone serves for one of many devices that will function more or less exactly like a computer, only in a more convenient way. Even for me it is hard to detach myself from some electronic device or other, though I’m not technically classified as a millennial. I personally feel like I was born in just the right era that I am adept enough with modern technology and old enough to remember life before the computer was a common thing in everyone’s house.

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Do you remember those fun computer games that would take forever to load, had horrible graphics, and yet were pretty fun? One of the best 90’s computer games that I remember playing was the Oregon Trail. I would play this with both of my sisters. It was useful to have input when buying from the general store and we would compete against each other to see who would make it to Oregon. (Don’t hold your breath. Very rarely would this happen, and for some reason my four-year-old little sister always seemed to be the leader whenever we actually did make it!) We would spend hours debating with each other, making decisions (how were we supposed to cure H of cholera?), and celebrating successes.

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But what happens today with technology? Instead of dropping by to see my friend, I will shoot a text. Not, “Let’s go for coffee sometime!” but rather I’ll use an emoji to express my frustration at work. I’m not trying to criticize with this blog, but I would like to draw attention to the fact that we use technology to avoid honest communication. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with our fingers than with our mouths. I’m guilty of this too. But I’ve realized when I send a text to confront someone, for example, then I am really weaseling out of having to see the expression–the realness–on that person’s face.

Image result for you did what memeTechnology is great, don’t get me wrong! Hello, I’m getting to write this blog to you because of technological advancements. Computers are always expanding (yet getting smaller at the same time) and has helped us be able to cure diseases that were impossible to fight even ten years ago.

But remember: In the midst of the hubbub of activity around you, stop and have a face-to-face conversation–and actually listen to what they have to say!

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