Day 80

Short term goal: 100 Days

Long term goal: 186 days (6 months)

Miles run this week: 16.5

Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 231.5

For the last several months I have been long-distance-dating a guy. Long story short, lots of traveling back, forth, and in between. Since I’ve started the streak, this has meant that I know a little bit what it’s like to have to find a place to run, no matter how weird it might seem. Once I did find a treadmill, but it was extremely squeaky when I tried running, so I ended up running back and forth in the workout room. I’ve run up and down driveways for a mile, and even in the last week, I jogged in place until my running app reached a mile (not a good time…15 minute mile…). So while this might not “technically” be running, I’m willing to count these weird anomalies because I am not walking.

I found this article that specifically addresses the importance of running while traveling, and even gives some tips for how to accomplish this. It gave me some good ideas that I might implement next time! I especially love the idea of running sightseeing tours!! It throws the excuse, “Oh I can’t run there because I’d be running by myself” out the window!

Brogan in Iceland

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