Explore the United States! (pt. 3) Books

This is my favorite part! My family can tell you that the first thing I pack when going on a trip are the books. That’s right, plural. I need at least two, and in some cases three. The reason? One e-book, one paperback, and sometimes the third if I’m still in the middle of one. Five is definitely NOT excessive. There was one plane trip that I read four, and the only reason I didn’t get the fifth read is that my Nook ran out of batteries (and I forgot to pack my spare!) Fortunately this was quickly resolved when I found an outlet after landing.

In case you aren’t able to get out there with us and explore immediately, I’ve found some books that will help you as you anticipate your next outing through America. I looked at several lists, and this one was my favorite, partially because I’ve read several of these and I can recommend them! Even though they are not all set in the US of A, it’s a very thorough list to tickle the wonderlust bug.


featured picture from https://thewell-travelledpostcard.com/


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