“Lord, help.”

It’s so easy to get busy, busy, busy! Constantly I am reminding myself: Slow down. Enjoy the moment. Appreciate smiles.

This makes a difference! While my life doesn’t particularly get less busy, it’s important for me to put things in perspective. I had coffee with a friend the other day and we were talking about life. Of course the SO. MANY. THINGS. to do was brought up in conversation. It’s important to prioritize what I can say yes to, which in turn gives me the freedom to say no to other things.

I didn’t realize how important this was until I started to implement this in my life–with everything! Work. Family. Friends. What are the things that need to be number one? What things can I give up that I am just pridefully hanging on to? I struggle with this a lot. I want to do everything that everyone expects of me. That is usually my fallback. But I’ve learned from wise and godly people that I need to definitely take time for me. This is just as important as taking time out for others. Right as my life seems to slow down, something else comes to send me off-kilter.

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When that happens, what is my reaction? Usually I catch my breath and wonder, Again??! or think to myself, What else is going to happen? How much more of this can I take? What I need to do is stop and immediately pray to the Lord, even if it’s as simple as, “Lord, help me.” This often gets my mindset back on what is in front of me. Then I remind myself, Is it really that important? Most of the time it’s not. Now there are some exceptions, where the situation is serious and needs dire focus right at that moment. But I’ve found that’s very rare. In most cases, I am the one blowing everything out of proportion.

I don’t even have the answers on what to do next, but I do know that God will help you through this. Allow Him to guide your steps. It won’t always end up like you think, but it will be good.

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