Loitering in Literature!

As you might have seen from my Goodreads widget on the bottom, right-hand corner of my homepage, I really like reading! This was one of the reasons I started an online book club. It has always been relaxing for me, and was also a way for me to get out of my own world and experience another. Let me be clear: my “actual world” as I was growing up was great! But there is something significant in getting to read about characters and their issues that helps prepare me for the world on my own.

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I think this built my imagination as a child, especially since we were only allowed to watch 30 minutes to an hour’s worth of TV. My sisters and I were expressive and enjoyed learning, whether that be from a science experiment, a YA novel, or even our own explorations. My love for literature has only grown with me. I went through a couple summers in high school where I would only read Historical Fiction. This is still one of my favorite genres. I like to think it’s because I get to immerse myself in a story while at the same time learning something of importance along the way.

As my tastes have expanded and I’ve been able to develop a taste for other genres beyond historical fiction, I’ve grown as a writer. I am learning not only how others write, but am getting to see the lives of characters and story plots that I haven’t even imagined! Hopefully this excitement to learn never goes away! For your viewing pleasure,


I have included a link for a list of words from Sherlock Holmes (the novel by the same name, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), along with some awesome pictures from the BBC TV series, Sherlock.


**Before saying goodbye to this blog post, I do have to admit that I watched the newest series all in one day! 🙂

featured picture taken from www.livelongandtravel.com


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