Summer is ALMOST Here!–Beach Reads 2017

In a couple weeks I will be headed to the beach, so I thought I’d share a couple of the books that I might just have to stuff in my bag. My weakness šŸ™‚ I KNOW that I will bring at least three books for the week, because I never know what genre I will be in the mood to read! If you are having a similar problem, maybe this chart will help you! Click on the chart to see detailed descriptions of each.

I personally have read a couple of these, plus several more are already on my “to reads” list. I might suggest one of these for my book club before the summer is over! Have fun browsing the titles!

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  1. […] Summer is fast approaching, and you might already be making vacation plans to slip out next week. Or maybe you’re counting down the days to the NEXT long weekend when you get time off of work. Regardless of where you live, I’m sure that one of these fun little towns might be close by. Even if you don’t have time off any time soon, it’ll be great to start a bucket list for your next traveling adventure! […]


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