Cinderella, pt. 6: The Slipper

When you hear about Cinderella’s slipper, your mind might automatically go to getting your wishes fulfilled, or dreams coming true. This is not necessarily always the case. Sometimes in the midst of us getting everything that we’ve ever wanted, we leave PEOPLE behind in the dust. Because of this we end up with everything we’ve ever wanted—that perfect job, the dream house, the long-sought-after relationship–and yet feel completely alone. Or worse, we feel like we must wear a mask.

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In this version of the Cinderella movie, her fairy godmother made sure she had an extra dusting of magic, that allowed her stepmother and stepsisters not to recognize her. How many times can we relate to this? I personally sometimes want to hide beneath my own skin, yet desire to be noticed at the same time. Most of the time this comes from insecurities that have risen in my own heart that keep screaming at me that I am not good enough. Nevertheless, Cinderella stepped out in courage to see what would become of her aspirations in life, despite every obstacle that seemed to be staring down at her.

Image result for cinderella 2015 slipperShe stepped through the door (a terrifying experience, I’m sure; especially considering that she wasn’t accustomed to the royal atmosphere of the palace) and approached it with grace and a smile. When is it time for us to step out in courage and do something that scares us, just because we want to see the result? I was recently discussing this with one of my friends and she brought up a good point: Sometimes NOT doing something because we’re scared is worse than actually doing it and failing. At least when we attempt something frightening we have a chance to see what might have happened…

Image result for have courage and be kind cinderella (P.S., a really good blog about Cinderella!)

So tell me, what dreams have you accomplished, simply because you stepped out in faith, regardless of what the outcome was? How did your perspective change?

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