Cinderella, pt. 5: The Prince

For all the single ladies out there, you know you’ve done this: You’ve made a list of specific qualities that you want your future husband to have, and this includes physical features, personality, quirks, jokes, and even ways that he is going to treat you–and the amazing thing is, sometimes our minds actually believe that he can accomplish Every. Single. One. of these characteristics! If so, then that’s the man for you!

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Well what I’ve learned is that life is not like this. Of course we each have the personality or physical features that we are attracted to, and that might influence our choice of a long-term relationship. But why should this guy that we’ve never met, or only just talked to, fulfill these expectations that have only been set in OUR minds?

Image result for cinderella 2015 kit fencing clip

Well this video is for you (both men and women reading this). Matt Chandler explains ways that Christian men and women SHOULD view each other, and what single people should do while waiting for their mates (more to be covered on WAITING soon). Thoughts?

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