Cinderella, pt. 4: The Hope

Let’s talk about dreams: both deferred and discovered!

From the very beginning of this movie we see that Ella must watch her mother die, see her dad fall sorrowful, accept new family into her home, and put up with ugly-hearted stepsisters. There are a couple parts of the movie that are my favorites. One is when Ella’s father gives her a un papillon (butterfly) and dances with her on his feet. Then later, once her stepmother burdens her with more work so that she wouldn’t be able to go to the ball and dismisses her with a phrase in French, Ella retorts back in French that of course, she is able to speak French, and had studied since she was little.

I speak French, not Italian!

At the moment that Ella realizes her stepmother will do absolutely anything to prevent her from going to the ball, she falls to her knees in despair. Just then she hears a voice that asks her, “Why are you crying?” It was, of course, her “hairy dogfather” (fairy godmother) who prepared her and helped get her–beautifully–off to the ball!

Why are you crying?

After this another dream was realized. Even after she admitted to one of her lizard friends, “I’m frightened,” she went to the ball, met her friend, Mr. Kit, whom she discovered was the prince! This was probably the height of her dreams being realized, little knowing the bumps in the road that would soon come.

To be continued…

Cinderella in her gorgeous dress is dancing with Prince Kit ♥ (Lily James and Richard Madden) Credit to instagram @cream0306


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