Vulnerability First


As I’m reading the first couple chapters in No More Faking Fine, by Esther Fleece, I’m struck by a couple thoughts. This is the book that Rebekah chose for our online book club May choice. This book starts off very intense, with the author describing situations that she found herself in which made her shut off her heart in order not to get hurt. Several of the things that she mentioned reminded me of a song by JJ Heller, which I’ve shared before. The reason I’d like to share this again is because it encourages us to be vulnerable.

Allowing other people into our lives–much less our hearts!–is hard. Yes, there is a possibility that we will get hurt or experience heartache. But as JJ Heller states in her song, “I could hide myself away…far from pain. But if I refuse to feel I’ll never bleed, but I’ll never heal.” If you choose to read along with us, look for opportunities to be that listening ear to someone else. And be prepared to have your heart opened, too!


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