Day 52

Short term goal: One Hundred Days!–50 day mark PASSED!!!

Long term goal: 186 days (6 months)

Miles run this week: 20

Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 150

One improvement in my running (despite not seeming to even make it to 25 miles completed in a week!) is that I am running most of the time. Previously I was just running my one mile a day, and then occasionally running another (maybe 3 times a week). I’ve pushed myself to keep going another mile or two, and most of the miles racked up are from running now! For me this is huge, because I’d like to get back into enjoying running purely for enjoying running.

Image result for inspirational running memes

I’ve updated the short-term goal, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. I am planning a trip to Peru with a group this summer, which might throw off my availability to get out and run. I’ll do my best, and maybe will have to tweak it a little.

Image result for inspirational running memes

I’ve also made a goal chart, which I mentioned in my post yesterday. I’ve enjoyed using this for the last week or so because it gives me a better visual than my running app. Also, I’ve plugged in small rewards after miles 50, 100, 150 and 200. Then I guess I’ll start another goal! These are when I will allow myself to buy some of the cheaper (less than 20 dollars) exercise things that I’ve wanted for a while and don’t really need.

Happy running!



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