Motivation, Here I Come!

What do you do to stay motivated? There are so many things in my life that I feel require motivation to keep persevering! Most of these things are not just one-and-done!


While I am challenging myself to continue a running streak (almost 2 months down)! I also am trying to run more during the week. For this I’ve created a goal chart. It’s rough, and I just sketched a layout in my journal. The reason? My journal is always by my bed and presents a great visual as I get up every day. I added a few personal goals for mile 50, 100, etc. You might want to type yours out, or spend more than the five minutes that I did, but this kind of goal chart can be used with anything in your life that you need a little “OOMPH!” to get started!



I have started an online book club, but I also keep up with books that I want to read through Goodreads. This way I can sift through all the books that are on my to-read list and choose the ones that are most interesting at the time. I have not yet found a good way to read books: individually, multiple at one time, single genre, varied genres, paperback, ebook. They all are great to me! There have been times that I have read 3 different books in 3 different genres in the same day! Mostly I read just for fun, but also toss in a couple intellectual books from time to time. I derive my inspiration from, which inspired me to begin reading a few new things. I’ve knocked out several from both challenges!

The Modern Mrs Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge. Get more out of your reading life in 2017 with this choose-your-own-bookish-adventure challenge!


This is the hardest to keep up with (for me). I am writing a blog, an online book club, and trying to write another book. My goal for each day is 1,000 words, but sometimes I only have 30 minutes to write. For this I just write as much as I can, even if it’s only half that. Right now I’m stuck between researching an writing, which makes it difficult to actually write my book. In the end, I know this is important for the soundness of the story line, but it makes the writing process move a bit slower.

A writer is a world trapped in a person. - Victor Hugo

I’d love to hear what kinds of things you’re writing right now! That could be poetry, a blog, a journal entry, an article, a book, a letter 🙂

What kinds of goals do you set to stay motivated? Share with us!

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