When You’re Stumped… :(

Yes I did. I signed into my WordPress account, then Googled myself to see what my website looks like from an outsider’s perspective not signed in. My new motto is this:

I never thought of it this way...:

All I can do on those days where I have ZERO motivation–

Let me stop in the middle of explaining and interject my own experiences. When I say, “zero motivation,” I’m not actually talking about avoiding writing because I don’t like to write anymore. I am talking about that nagging fear that I won’t write something that is good, or I’m not sure which topic to cover, or that I simply don’t have the time to write.

All of these are legitimate reasons. And all of them, to some extent, might be true! But here’s the secret–

Just write. Even when 1) I don’t have a clue what words are going on the paper, or 2) that book that I’m reading today makes so much more sense than the page I just wrote, or 3) I’m never going to write something to provoke my readers, or 4) Am I ever going to have a following of readers??

I have experienced all! Some of these lies visit me more often than others. Sure, it can keep us from writing something. Writing is scary! Writing takes vulnerability and GUTS! Sometimes the words don’t come out as smoothly as we’d like. Sometimes we can’t find a way to express ourselves. But do it anyways. Sure, we might need help from time to time: advice, editing, prompts. Ultimately, though, it is our thoughts that is going to end up on that paper. We will learn from them and we will be inspired by them. But we have to sit down and actually write them first! So put down your phone and go write!


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