Day 31

Short term goal: Reach 50 days!

Long term goal: 186 days

Miles run and walked this week: 28.5

Total miles run/walked in the challenge: 89.5

By the time you read this, I will have completed my first month of running one mile every day! At the moment of writing though, I’m not quite there. I took advantage this morning of the impending thunderstorm that we are supposed to have later today, and I decided to fit a longer run in while the weather was still nice.

It was perfect! It was overcast and a little humid, but ideal for a run, and not as windy as it has been throughout the week. I stretched myself to run 45 minutes, which at my pace ended up reaching about four miles. For me, this was exactly the time that I needed to process things and get my scrambled thoughts together.

Image result for poem about running

When I get home from one of these jogs, I feel very productive; today I started writing. Last weekend I was getting a really bad case of writer’s block, and didn’t really know where to go with my next book. Since this one requires so much research, I was getting bogged down by everything that has to be confirmed and re-written. It wasn’t accomplishing anything towards writing my book! I’ve decided to switch off days, with one focusing on the research and the next focusing on writing. This way I can try to get something accomplished and pages will actually get written.

Maybe on my next jog I’ll get inspired to create something! 🙂 So tell me, what do you do (or not do) while you run? Does it give you more energy or are you just exhausted during the day? Join us on this journey! Share your running story!

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