National Poetry Month!–APRIL

I don’t usually double blog on a single day, but today is an exception. 🙂 As stated above, this month is national poetry month, which calls for its own personal blog post–on top of those I already had planned!

For this month I’m going to do something different. Some sort of poetry will be posted will all my posts. If I have a reader who also enjoys sharing poetry on his or her website, feel free to comment and tag yourself on the post! I am excited to read more poetry this month and to hear what amazing things y’all bring to the blog!

Today’s poetry is from a fellow WordPress blogger, and I’ve included her written explanation from her blog as well. Check out her blog by clicking on the picture or the link below.


Insight (theoretical physics in record time)
by Karen Massey

Be a whiz kid
Be dashing, youthful,
a steel-blue Hollywood swashbuckler

Be philosopher as much as scientist
Try to make sense of the world, find
some general solution to everything,
some single equation that the key to life
Is its assertion of reality as profoundly

Be paper
Be incredible
Arrive in a brand new suit, elegant, unassailable
Assume that a weak light of 380 nanometres
was somehow being produced in the body

SOURCE: “Insight (theoretical physics in record time)” by Karen Massey is based on page 41 of The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart. (Harper Collins, 2008).


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