Day 17

Short Term Goal: Two more weeks!

Long Term Goal: Six Months (I think I can!)

Miles run/walked this week: 19

* (the first mile is always a run, and after that, depending on the day, I’ll run 2-3 more miles or alternate between running/walking)

TOTAL miles: 44

Challenge for this week: the WIND! It’s been crazy trying to set my mind to be okay with the fact that I’m mostly running against the wind. Yesterday I found a happy medium where the wind was on the side, but it was one of those weird gusts that seems to switch direction every few minutes. Maybe I should resort to running in my living room again…Half a block was beautifully accented with sun, and it was wonderful! What keeps me going in moments like this is that I really do feel better, and it’s awesome that my muscles get some sort of aerobic stretching! I think this habit could become easier. 🙂

Image result for drinking water

Since I have been running a little more consistently, I’m also trying to increase my intake of water. This has not been difficult at all, but might vary from person to person. Right now I am focusing on drinking at least four bottles of water a day. This number was chosen for two practical reasons: 1) it is twice as much as what I was drinking on my best day! and 2) It is do-able, with just a little self-urging (I divide the day into quarters: meaning I finish my first by noon, the second by 2-4:00 the third by dinner, and the fourth before I go to bed). It has been easily completed–once my body got used to the unusually large amounts of water consumption! I’ve only not been able to meet this one day out of all the days that I’ve been running. If you’d like more information on the benefits of hydration, click here!

If you’ve tried setting goals since New Year’s, or have restarted a previously-attempted goal, feel free to share it! I love to hear of others experiences, challenges, and successes!

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