Day 10

Short Term Goal: Three more weeks!

Long Term Goal: Six Months? (ambitious, but do-able!)

Miles run this week: 16

TOTAL miles: 25

This week hasn’t been too uneventful in my running 1 mile every day. I’ve been able to continue my streak! Usually I fit this in during a time where I already want to be outside to exercise, so end up running 2-3 miles total. One day when it was scorching outside, I did run back and forth in my living room until I clocked myself at a mile!

I have found a couple of really good articles that might help anyone wanting to join me.

10 Running Tips I've Learned fro m a 6 month Run Streak:         My Experience Running Everyday For a Year:

These had some really practical tips. And they didn’t come from a college athlete who has been doing this her whole life. They come from moms who also have a busy schedule and would like to fit some sort of exercise routine in their day. Some of the advice I had already been following, and others were new to me. I’m looking for anything to help me improve and inch me along in this new habit!

A couple of things that I’ve found with running can easily be summed up in one of my “Exercise Inspiration” quotes from Pinterest:




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