HOPE–When There Doesn’t Seem to be Any…(part 3 of a series)

There was something that I mentioned in my previous post yesterday that I’d like to reiterate:

When our hope is founded in the Lord (has a foundation in Him!), it makes a profound difference! Here’s why: We are humans.

We will fail.

A YA book that I read growing up called Hope Was Here, by Joan Bauer, gives a good example of this. A girl named hope learned throughout her wanderings in life that she was a catalyst of hope. Every new town that she visited she found a place to etch out her name, including, “Hope was here.” She found out as the book progressed that she was an important element to bringing hope to others. She also learned the importance of finding her own hope. Click here to see the book.

Image result for isaiah 40 memes

Check out Isaiah 40, specifically verses 28-31! Summed up it states that God is so much bigger than we think at this moment–that we can even imagine! And yet, God is in control. This chapter is the definition of a roller-coaster moment in life when NOTHING seems to be going right.

When I say that we have to have a foundation, it’s more than just that children’s song that says, “A foolish man built his house upon the sand and the rains came tumbling down/The rains came down and the floods came up/…and the house on the sand went splat!” But the idea is the same. A foundation of a house is what makes it strong, what causes future generations to prosper. If our spiritual foundation is not founded on something firm, we will be completely lost!




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