Which Shows Must YOU Watch?

This week I spent a couple days where I was not feeling well, so was stuck at home. The one advantage of this is that I had 48 hours to binge watch any show I chose! I was restricted to Netflix and any movies I currently own, so was conveniently switching back and forth between NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Gilmore Girls, and Anne of Green Gables!

NCIS has been a favorite show of mine for several years and I really enjoy the balance between action, serious subjects and humor!

"We're just as responsible for the things we do as the things we don't." NCIS quotes

I have recently begun to re-watch the Once Upon a Time seasons that are available on Netflix, which inspires me in my fictional writing!

Operation Cobra - Just OUAT things:

Gilmore Girls has been a staple since college, and is a mindless show that is full of laughs!

Gilmore Girls. One of my favorite episodes. Also how I think I would handle finding out my daughter had kissed someone:

Anne of Green Gables has been–and always will be!– one of my favorite movies. I only can recommend the first two movies however: the original and the sequel. To me these two follow the heart of the book’s plot the best!

Anne of Green Gables love love love!!!! Favorite movie of all time along with Sound of Music:

If you are ever stuck at home for a short time, take time out to see these! Which binge-watching movies or shows do you enjoy? Share with us!


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