#WorldBookDay! March 2, 2017

World Book Day is one day that has been set aside to emphasize the importance of books. According to the official website http://www.worldbookday.com readers are encouraged to dress up like their favorite characters, give book suggestions, attend book-related events, and more! See the website for more information.

In order to help all my readers celebrate #WorldBookDay I’ve found an awesome article that shares eighty books from various countries. It’s a great way to “visit” new places before you even leave your house!

Who knows, maybe some day you’ll BE there!




5 thoughts on “#WorldBookDay! March 2, 2017

  1. I have written down the names of thirty one of the books on the around the world in eighty books list!! Do you like the look of any of them in particular? 😀 Now I have a really long to-read list! 😀 I will see what’s in the library 🙂 But the first one I will be reading is of course The one in a million boy! Because that’s what we’re reading at the H.M.Dillard book club! 😀
    I think this is such a great idea – it makes you look at all these books you might not have come across, and it also makes you feel part of something.


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