Book Club–One Day More!

lady-arryn-deactivated20140718:“ les mis movie meme: ten songs [9/10] ↳ “One day more” ”
The nerd in me that loves Les Mis is coming out…so bear with me! I promise this book club will NOT be reading Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo (which is over 1,400 pages long). That was too long, even for me!

Which books have you just been dying to read, yet haven’t yet gotten to it? Share it with us within the next couple of days, and we can consider it for our book club!

Click below for the link to the Goodreads HMDillard online book club! You can also search for “book clubs,” “HMDillard,” or “authors” to find our group. 

If you have any suggestions on books to read for the month of March, NOW is the time to share! Feel free to comment on FB, this post, or even in our Goodreads group! I’ll let you know what the March decision is tomorrow (*happy dance!*)! I’ll talk with you soon!

Happy reading!

**P.S.–If you’d like to see a couple of my suggestions, visit my post, Book Club–In the Beginning. 

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