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About two years ago a couple friends and I traveled to Europe to experience some of the “touristy” things that all travelers want to see. We had spent a few years out of college and working, and knew the longer we waited, the less likely it would be that we ever made a backpacking trip to Europe.

First we threw out ideas of where we wanted to go, based on places we had always wanted to visit or recommendations from friends. One of us planned the route. One researched hostels. We debated, adding some potential stopping places and erasing others, based on either expenses or time. One of the smartest decisions we made was to buy Eurorail passes! We knew that we were getting into Paris several days after landing at the Heathrow airport in London, so our tickets didn’t need to be purchased until we arrived in France. Train travel is the best way to get around in Europe, hands down! We can get up, walk around, and sometimes purchase snacks from a vending machine–all while en route to our destination!

We got to visit seven different countries during this little three week jaunt, but for this short blog, I am going to use my pictures to focus on one portion of Italy. The BEST area that we visited out of the three cities was the tour around Florence. We had just visited Venice, and later would travel to Rome, but getting to tour the countryside of this exotic country was breathtaking! We took an all-day trip, visiting various cities in the Tuscany area.

I still hold out hope that I can go back here one day! Where is a place that you have been that has surprised you? What made you see it in a new way?

Tuscany landscape photo,


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