New Beginnings!

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Welcome dear readers!

This is officially my first blog post, on this Groundhog Day in 2017. I hope that when I look back at this in a year to see the progress of my work and the interesting events in my life.

Come along with me for this journey!

Let me explain what I am planning with this blog. I’ve written a blog before, but mainly just with the intent to keep an online journal of events happening in my life. For this I am planning something a little bit different. Yes, it might include a few things from my life. But overall I would like to engage my fellow readers (that would be you!) to interact with each other–albeit, through cyberspace.

At the moment I am planning on including some vignettes of travel stories, adventures in cooking, health experiences (and flops!), and everyday occurrences. I will have questions or topics that I encourage you to contribute to! Explain what your experiences and joys are! One way that we can all learn is if we all share! So jump right in an visit my first article: Classic Characters, Modern Moments.


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