Immigration in America

img_5143One of the hot topics of the week is immigration. While I am going to explain here what my opinion is on immigration in America and explain why I think this, I still encourage you to comment. Please keep in mind that I do screen the comments, and I will delete anything that comes across cruel or demeaning.

I just read an article this morning from the New York Times (click here to read) that highlighted the Uber CEO leaving his White House advisory council post because of President Trump’s recent temporary ban against immigrants from seven different countries around the world.

Go ahead and read it, if you haven’t already. I want this conversation to be a knowledgeable one. I’ve included the link here.

One of the lines from the article struck me: “many staff members wondered why Mr. Kalanick was still willing to advise the president. ‘What would it take for you to quit the economic council?’ at least two employees asked…” Before I state my question, let me explain. I am completely FOR immigrants coming into our country.


I love reading fiction books, but something is really touching when I can read the true story about a life that was changed because of the hope that he found in America. Our country is a land that since it was founded has been known to promote the idea of justice and equality. For that reason I believe everyone should have a chance to experience the freedoms that we have.

Yes, I think that we should have a stringent screening process. No, I don’t think we should allow known terrorists into the country. But also: No, I don’t think we should ban others from coming to this country simply because we are scared.

People with honest intentions come usually for some type of freedom. To practice their religion. To be seen as successful. To be able to make a decent living for their family. It’s the same as with the first explorers in America: glory, God, and gold.

With Mr. Kalanick’s decision, he was able to stand up for what he thought was right, even if that meant stepping down from something important. For better or worse he allowed the influence of others to determine his decision.

In the comments I am not asking for you to say anything about the decision of Mr. Kalanick. But I would like to hear a personal note from you. Today’s question is two-fold:

What are your thoughts on the immigration ban? When has someone influenced you to do the right thing, even when it was hard?


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